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Vitamins and Tinnitus: Finding Relief the Natural Way


Recovering from a bought of tinnitus can be overwhelming, especially if you’re stressed out and the condition becomes exacerbated. If you’re not interested in taking over the counter drugs from a pharmacy, there are ways to take a more natural approach to finding relief. By adding certain foods to your daily diet that contain certain vitamins and minerals, you may be able to see improvement to the ringing in your ears. When coupled with staying active and keeping your stress levels to a minimum, these natural healers will help you get your hearing back on track.


Magnesium is essential for your body, and it definitely helps to keep your ears operating the right way. Magnesium specifically impacts the cochlea, which is inside of your ear. When you don’t have enough magnesium, the blood vessels that lead to your inner ear can become constricted and your hearing may suffer.  You can also experience tinnitus as the result of this shortage. By bringing your magnesium back up, the blood vessels return to a more healthy function. To bring more magnesium into your diet, try eating more rice, bananas, and beans whenever you can.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has a relationship with your central nervous system, impacting the way that you see, feel, touch, and hear. If your B12 levels are low, you may have auditory disturbances or develop a serious case of tinnitus. You can get B12 by taking a daily supplement, or by upping your intake of foods that are naturally high in the vitamin. Eggs, lean meat, and fish are foods that will help you increase the Vitamin B12 in your body.


According to at least one major study, a lack of zinc has been linked to people who experience bouts of tinnitus. Once the levels of zinc were increased in the participants of the study, their tinnitus symptoms were tempered. Naturally increasing the levels of zinc in your system can be accomplished by eating more foods like roast beef, oysters, peanuts, and sesame seeds. You can also purchase an over the counter zinc supplement to improve your levels of the vitamin.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is crucial to treatment of tinnitus because this vitamin affects the cochlea. Without proper levels of Vitamin A, it is difficult for your body to interpret and store sound the way it needs to. You can takeVitamin A via a daily capsule vitamin, or get it naturally by eating certain foods. Adding yams, carrots, and spinach to your diet are all ways to increase your Vitamin A intake and help your tinnitus improve and see a marked difference in your hearing.

Tinnitus doesn’t have to be suffered through; while some people may not see their symptoms dissipate entirely, with the proper treatment you can see some relief and get back to enjoying your life. Take the recommended doses of all vitamins and minerals, and when in doubt always talk to your doctor about finding out if your levels are low.

Nancy Snyder is a nutritionist who likes to keep up with the latest health breakthroughs. You can find her articles on various health blogs. Visit the Healthy Hearing website for more information.

Vitamins and Tinnitus: Finding Relief the Natural Way

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