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Why Does Vitamin D Matter?

Many people decide to quit taking supplements once they reach old age since they think that their body cannot store anymore minerals. This is especially common in women with brittle bones who think “Well, I should have consumed more calcium when I was younger…” and then they do not take calcium supplements. These women end up being unable to get cheap health insurance and might not be able to get any health insurance at all, but luckily a lot of older women have Medicare so they still get good healthcare coverage.

Many people do the same thing with iron. A lot of people, especially vegetarians, do not have enough iron in their diets. Women in particular are prone to iron loss due to menstruation since they lose some of their body’s iron in blood and other discharge.

Vitamin D, like iron and calcium, has many uses and old age does not make it less important:

Mortality reduction

Studies have shown that vitamin D3 can significantly reduce mortality, especially in older women. As a result of this, people with low levels of vitamin D are often given vitamin D3 supplements so that they are less likely to die of various ailments such as heart attacks, strokes, and unhealthy bones.


It used to be used in the past to help people with tuberculosis. However, studies have not shown it to be successful for curing tuberculosis but at the same time, a lot of people who have tuberculosis end up having vitamin D and other vitamin shortages. These people need to especially take vitamin D and multivitamin supplements so that they can become healthy again, even if the vitamin D does not have a direct effect on suppressing the tuberculosis.

Health care cost reductions

“The best medicine is having to use no medicine” means that if you live an active and healthy life, then you will be in a healthier physical condition than people who do not live healthfully even if those people take medicine and you do not. When this saying is applied to vitamin D, it means that if you take vitamin D and other vitamins in supplement form or of you get them in your food, that you will be healthy and go to the doctor less.

In countries without universal healthcare (or ones with it but with co-pays) this means that you will end up spending a lot less money from buying vitamin supplements just because you will not have to see the doctor as frequently. Taking the vitamin supplements will act both as a life quality improver and simultaneously it will work to save money on healthcare costs, including health insurance.

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Why does Vitamin D matter?

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