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Seven Important Tips That You Can Follow To Maintain Healthy Eyes

Tips That You Can Follow To Maintain Healthy Eyes

As life today stresses a person’s body, the eyes is often the first one that suffers. Literally, this part of the face is a window to see the world but not everyone takes the time to give the eyes the right care. There are a number of ways to maintain healthy eyes and these can be done without giving you more stress.

1. Regardless of your age, have your eyes examined

The services of an ophthalmologist is not limited to individuals who already in need of glasses. Even children are recommended to get a total eye exam before they start kindergarten in order to detect any possible eye defect at the earliest possible time. The expert hand of the eye doctor ensures that you are wearing healthy eyes.

2. Wear sunglasses when you are in the outdoors

Sunglasses are not just fashion accessories because they protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. If you don’t want to irritate your eyes with the scorching heat, you can save them by always having your glasses on. Indeed, these items can also protect your eyes from dusts that might be blowing with the wind.

According to some studies, when the eyes are too exposed to the sun, cataract may be developed causing cloudy vision and macular degeneration or the reduction of one’s vision in the central retina.

3. Deal with your diabetes when you have it

When you have diabetic retinopathy, your blood vessels in the retina are damaged by high blood sugar. This condition may result in the blood leaking to the retina causing vision issues. It is important for a person who has type 1 or type 2 diabetes to always have an eye exam every year.

4. Always wear eye protection when you have a high-risk job

An occupation like welding requires protection to the eyes as a stray park may seriously burn the cornea. In fact, you may also need to have eye protection while you are mowing your lawn as flying debris may enter your eyes. Additionally, aside from wearing goggles in gardening activities, they should also be worn for basketball and racquetball as there can be a lot of fingers to go straight into your eyes.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables for the eyes

While consuming vegetables and fruits may not be enough to help you maintain healthy eyes such diet can be necessary for those who have dry cornea or unhealthy optic nerves, such case is not common.

A balanced diet that is full of vegetables and fruits can contribute to the overall health of your body and eyes. For example, a balance diet is necessary to control diabetes which is necessary to prevent any eye damage. Also, for some patients who have macular degeneration, they can be recommended to take zinc and vitamins A, C and E to minimize the seriousness of the condition.

6. Don’t forget to remove your contacts

While the use of contacts as “extended wears”, you shouldn’t put them on for a long time because they are likely to cause infections. Also, make sure that they are clean before you wear them the next day.

7. If you have cataract, deal with it immediately

In many cases, those who have cataract will wait for some years after their first diagnosis before they go for a surgery. According to eye specialists, when cataract is not taken care of immediately, it will become riskier to get it out. Surgery for cataract has a minimal complication rate and a person who is suffering from this condition must talk to his eye doctor on the appropriateness of surgery for his condition.

Maintaining healthy eyes can be possible by making sure that nothing enters into your eyes and you have them checked regularly. The overall health of your eyes may be affected when you are suffering from certain diseases like diabetes so you would want to deal with this too to make sure you have healthy eyes.

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Seven Important Tips That You Can Follow To Maintain Healthy Eyes