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What are the best places to get vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a vitamin that is critical to keeping your body healthy. As I on last week, vitamin D is crucial to helping your body reduce its susceptibility to mortality. This is especially true for vitamin D3, which is synthesized when the skin gets hit by the sun.

It only takes 10 minutes for a patch of skin to synthesize all the vitamin D3 it can in one day, but people in our society and throughout the world cover much of their skin with heavy clothes. As a result, many people, especially people who live in colder climates, cannot get enough vitamin D. So what are some of the best sources of vitamin D?

Vitamin supplements

Vitamin supplements are perhaps the best place for somebody to get vitamin D because vitamin supplements allow people to take in as much as their body needs. On the other hand, people who get their vitamin D from food might skip a meal, eat something that does not have vitamin D in it for a few days, or otherwise not be able to get what they need. On the other hand, vitamin supplements like dedicated vitamin D supplements, and multivitamins, are very easy to remember to take, usually have more than the minimum amount so that if you need a lot one day then you will be okay, and also have (if they are multivitamins) other vitamins available so that you can be sure that you are healthy.

Foods high in vitamin D

People tend to have lighter skin if they come from places where sunlight is scarce. However, people in areas with lots of fish (like Eskimos) usually have dark skin even though there is very little sunlight in the Arctic. This is because they get enough vitamin D from fish that they do not need to capture any from the Sun. Therefore, it is possible for anybody to get the vitamin D needs from fish, and other foods that are high in vitamin D. Fish are the main sources of vitamin D but fish oils also have a lot (at higher concentrations than the actual fish) and eggs and beef livers have a little bit. UV-irradiated mushrooms have some vitamin D and are the only source of vitamin D from food that vegans can eat and not violate their dietary constraints.

The Sun

As I’ve mentioned already, the Sun is an excellent source of easy to get vitamin D3. I mentioned it last in this list of three because it is hard to get in the winter or in cold climates. The amount you get is dependent on how much surface area of your skin is exposed to UV (it only takes 10 minutes to get the full amount from a patch of skin) so you need to expose as much skin as possible to get the maximum D3.

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What are the best places to get vitamin D?