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Omega – 3 Benefits in the Winter

Omega-3 supplements bring health benefits all year round ?nd ?f ??u hav?n’t made fish oil pills ? part of ?our diet yet, winter ?s ? great time t? d? so. Although thi? time ?f th? year ?? someth?ng man? people look forward to, winter brings ?ll sorts ?f health troubles, es??cially if y?u ar? afflicted w?th diseases like arthritis ?r eczema. Although cold weather d?e? n?t ?aus? th?s? conditions, the?r symptoms tend t? g?t worse ?s th? temperature drops, causing mor? pain ?nd discomfort t? people who h?ve them. Here ?r? s?m? of thes? conditions ?nd h?w taking omega-3 ?an ke?? winter’s chill ?t bay.


Dry skin ?nd eczema


Dry skin ?s ? common problem th?t g?ts worse ?s th? environmental humidity drops at winter. This condition c?n affect an?on? ?t any age, ev?n if th?t person experiences n? skin problems dur?ng th? rest of th? year. As for th??e wh? d? suffer fr?m skin problems l?k? eczema, the? ?an expect th? symptoms t? g?t worse dur?ng winter ?s th??r skin loses moisture rapidly.


Omega-3 can combat dry skin by keeping the skin cell walls supple and firm; th?? prevents skin dehydration by keeping water and moisture locked in. Aside fr?m improving the quality ?f the skin, thi? fat ?lso h?? anti-inflammatory properties th?t reduce itchiness, redness, ?nd pain ?mong tho?? w?th eczema. Try taking ? fish oil capsule w?th evening primrose oil; th? latter conta?n? gamma linolenic acid, ? type ?f fat th?t boosts th? anti-inflammatory benefits ?f omega-3.


Seasonal affective disorder


Not gett?ng ?n?ugh natural sunlight c?n c?use seasonal affective disorder (SAD), ? type ?f depression th?t occurs ?nl? during winter. However, SAD i? n?t ju?t about th? lack ?f sunlight; ?t m?y al?? b? due t? ? lack of omega-3 fats in ?our diet. The anti-depressant properties of omega-3 fats improve neurotransmitter communication, wh??h helps ??u th?nk mor? cl??rl? ?nd reduces th? impact ?f SAD.




Osteoporosis, a bone condition wh?r? the bones weaken ?nd bec?m? prone t? fractures, d? n?t necessarily g?t worse w?th th? cold. However, icy roads ?nd steps c?n b? dangerous to th?s? whos? bones ?re alr??dy fragile; ?f th?? fall ?nd slip, the? w?ll experience painful fractures th?t will heal slowly ?nd b??om? disabling. Those w?th osteoporosis c?n improve the?r bone health with ?n omega-3 supplement; n?w studies show that thi? fat improves bone mineral density ?nd prevents bone loss.


Sjogren’s syndrome


Sjogren’s syndrome ?? ?n immune problem th?t g?ts worse ?n th? cold. A person afflicted by th?? condition h?s an immune system th?t disables th? body’s moisture-producing glands, wh??h ?au??s dryness ?f th? mouth, eyes, ?nd ?ther tissues. Sjogren’s syndrome ??n b? fought b? adding moisture back ?nto the environment. And ?ust a? omega-3 fats fight dry skin ?nd eczema, ?o th?? c?n alleviate th? symptoms ?f Sjogren’s syndrome b? reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system.