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Nutrition And The Immune Defense

Importance of nutrition

Many people underestimate the importance of nutrition for their well-being. But it is a fact that healthy food boosts the immune defense very much and makes the body stronger. There is however no perfect diet which one can conduct in order to stay fit because humans are very different and thus have different needs and genetic dispositions. Of course, fruit, vegetables, lean meat, and few sweets are commonplace but it is also a question of balance. It does not suffice to simply stick to these foods without listening to one’s own body.

It is sometimes difficult to listen to one’s own body without professional help. Seeing a doctor can help because he or she can conduct blood tests which show what kind of substances are lacking or reduced in the body. Based on the knowledge derived from these tests, the doctor can make proposals on which vitamins or minerals one should integrate more into the diet plan.

What the blood reveals

The blood is one of the most important markers to be checked with regard to diseases or malfunctions. With the help of antibodies, which the laboratory staff can buy online at, the blood is screened for other substances indicating inflammations in the body, malfunctions of the metabolic system and so on. In that way, a disease like diabetes or an infection like the flu can be detected easily.

It can also indicate how healthy a person lives, how much alcohol he or she consumes, if people take drugs, or if they are infected with viruses like HIV. On top of that, medical centers provided with the right equipment offered by the antibody supplier Abnova for example, can use these pieces of information to develop new treatments and medications against the diseases.

If one has really healthy blood, one might even decide to donate one’s blood to hospitals which can then deliver it to people who are in need of a transfusion.

Nutrition And The Immune Defense