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Reasons for Metabolic Acidosis in Patients with Diabetes

Diabetic acidosis is in fact considered a life-threatening condition that can happen to people diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Acidosis is less common among people with Type 2 diabetes. There are several conditions which affect the likelihood of diabetic acidosis, these include:

High levels of blood sugar
Ketone presence in both the blood and the urine
Ketoacids in the blood

Diabetic acidosis entails medical attention and hospital confinement for immediate treatment. Two most common and immediate form of treatment include administering intravenous insulin and treatment of fluids. People with Type 1 diabetes can efficiently avoid this condition given that they follow their treatment schedule or plan strictly. Nonetheless, it is also possible for ketoacidosis to happen even with a well-controlled diabetic condition. This is mainly due to grave infection due to serious conditions like stroke or heart attack. Once the person goes vomiting, insulin is injected to treat it.

Causes of Diabetic Acidosis

The condition is mainly due to lack of insulin when the diabetic patient misses their required dosage or injection of insulin. The main function of the insulin is to bring down the blood sugar level of the person though it is also responsible for reducing the rate of fat burning in the body. If insulin production drops, the body will begin looking for other sources of energy turning to muscle tissue or fat instead of the glucose in the blood. The blood sugar rises in the process.

The body tries to lessen the level of building acidity through increase the depth as well as rate of breathing. In the process, carbon dioxide gets blown into the breadth and this creates a temporary condition known as acidotic breathing. This also addresses acidosis in general. Simultaneously, high secretion of glucose or seeping of glucose into the urine can cause considerable loss or salts and water. This endangers the body because of dehydration. Sooner or later, over-breathing turns out insufficient to keep the acidosis in control.


Symptoms of Diabetic Acidosis

Because diabetic acidosis is usually associated with high levels of blood sugar, the symptoms for such for such is similar to diabetes:

Unquenchable thirst
Frequent urination
Fatigue or exhaustion
Potential loss of consciousness particularly when blood sugar levels are high

Other symptoms of Diabetic acidosis include:

quick, deep breathing
breath that smells like acetone
vomiting and nausea


Diabetic Acidosis Prevention

In order for this condition not to occur, it is best to keep you blood sugar levels in check. You should also be careful in eating foods that can trigger such as well as different stressors in life. Consult with your doctor about the best ways to keep this condition in control and to further treat your diabetic condition. Proper medical support is important for diabetics. You should also maintain an active lifestyle to be very sure that none of these conditions will persist and progress. Taking care of your body is the best prevention.

Reasons for Metabolic Acidosis in Patients with Diabetes

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