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Homeopathy – Can it Improve Your Health?

Last In 2009 Boots confessed that they didn’t believe homeopathic medicine works. Yet, despite this confession and repeated scientific studies which prove that homeopathy achieves little little health benefits the same results witnessed in placebo tests, the NHS still spent more tha n four million pounds  in 2009researching homeopathic pills.

Astonished by the National Health Services and leading Pharmacies ‘no harm’ perception to homeopathy, more than 300 protestors are now planning to take part in a mass homeopathic binge to help create awareness about the ineffectiveness of homeopathic remedies.

During this demonstration which is set to occur on the 30th January 2010, all 300 members will openly swallow in public an entire box of 90 homeopathic tablets to demonstrate that they are nothing more than fakes as well as hopefully prompt pharmacies to stop selling them.stop selling them

What is Homeopathy?

Described by many as Ask consumers and they will describe homeopathy as ‘all natural herbal medicine’ the majority of the ingredients contained within this commonly accepted complementary medicine are so miniscule that there is nothing medicinal about them.

However further research into the discovery of homeopathy has unveiled that it is not strictly an herbal medicine, but is medicinal about it, but that it is solely structure don three ideas developed in the 1800?s by Samuel Hahnemann. Three beliefs which are still utilised in the testing of homeopathic pills to this day:

–       The Law of Similars where whatever caused your symptoms will also cure them i.e. unable to sleep, take caffeine illness can also cause them i.e. taking caffeine supplements to remedy sleep deprevation

–       The Law of Infinitesimals where the more dilute the remedy, the more potent it will becomefluids, the more concentrated it will be

–       The Law of Succession where intense stirring of a homeopathic remedy would intensify its concentration

Analysing this information, it is easily understandable why activists are asking the government to order the NIHCE to evaluate whether it is right for the NHS to promote homeopathic remedies. Providing limited if any positive results, all clinical studies point to the fact that they will not boost your health.