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Exercise is Free: Cheap & Effective Workouts | Vitamins

Exercise is Free: Cheap & Effective Workouts

Whilst we all know the undoubted benefits of exercise as a way to help stay fit and healthy, the cost of joining a gym can be off-putting or even downright prohibitive.

For some people, paying a joining fee and monthly membership can act as an incentive to go, as they want to ensure they get good value out of the charges. However, the reality is that many people don’t visit the gym as often as they would like to. That means the cost per visit can quickly become high.

Even for people who do use their gym memberships wisely, it can be a major monthly expense and in these ongoing times of financial austerity, become a luxury instead of a necessity. The good news is that there are alternative ways to keep fit without being a member of a gym.

How to lose pounds from your exercise bill

Probably one of the best ways to get exercise is to go running. Instead of paying a gym membership to use their treadmills, tread your local paths and pavements for free. Invest in some decent footwear and jog or run your way to good health.

Walking may be a gentle form of exercise, but it still very beneficial. If you can, why not walk to work? In addition to being active you’ll save on the bus fare or petrol at the same time. If it’s not possible to walk the whole way, try getting on or off your bus or train a stop or two earlier or go out for a brisk walk during your lunch break.

Recognising the benefits of a healthy workforce, many companies also offer free or subsidised exercise classes on the premises at lunchtime, so investigate if your employer can provide anything similar.

Discount websites regularly carry offers for gym chains. These can allow you to use their facilities for a fraction of the cost of a membership, so keep an eye open for bargain opportunities to get access to some well known gym companies.

Use local resources to keep fit for little money

Many local parks now have free outdoor gyms. They contain fitness equipment similar to machines found in normal gyms but that have been designed to be used outside. Cardio, strength and toning equipment such as cross trainers, bikes and the chest press can all be found, offering the same benefits as the indoor versions.

If you prefer your exercise inside, look out for cheap ways to get hold of your own fitness equipment to use at home. Investigate neighbourhood garage sales, car boot sales or freecycle schemes to find second hand items for bargain prices or even for nothing.

Your library is a great source for cheap DVD rental. Take out fitness DVDs to learn new techniques and routines, all from the comfort of your own home.

If going to the gym still remains a must, investigate your local council’s facilities. They are often just as well equipped and may well be cheaper than a private gym. A council gym will also offer pay as you go sessions, freeing you from the financial commitment of having to sign a contract and paying every month.

Whichever methods you choose, there are definitely some easy ways to cut the cost of exercising.
Post by Tony, a UK based blogger on behalf of Reebok Fitness. Click here to visit their website.

Exercise is Free: Cheap & Effective Workouts