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Energy Drinks – Quick Way of Energy Hikes Up | Vitamins

Energy Drinks – Quick Way of Energy Hikes Up

Energy Drinks – Quick Way of Energy Hikes Up

Human body always needs energy, especially when any physical work or mental activity performed by it. There are many natural energy supplements are available in the surroundings. However, they take some time to provide energy to the body. Sometimes people need some quick and high energy for their body to perform certain tasks like exercise, any mental activity like learning, sports activities and some other activities in which you have to exert some force. There are many different types of quick energy supplements available in the market in different forms like different types of energy drinks, energy bars, protein bars and even in the form of tablets and capsules.

Types of energy supplements

High and temporary energy boosters:

These types of drinks are made up of many minerals, vitamins, herbs extracts and an abundant amount of caffeine and sugar. These drinks are very quick but are very temporary. Their effect may last from 3 hours to 8 hours, depending on brand and amount. These drinks are having some very worst health risks if taken in the excessive amount.

Energy fruits drinks:

These drinks are manufactured from different fruit juices with the addition of some extra energy. These drinks are close to natural but are not completely natural energy boosters and are also having side effects but less than the former one. The energy levels of fruit energy drinks are delayed as compare to the others.

Protein shakes:

This is another type of energy booster and as the name implies is rich with proteins. These shakes are especially designed for bodybuilders. These shakes are abundant with vitamins and calcium and are very healthy for muscles and bones. Medically, they are less or no harmful to the body.

Energy bars:

In the comparison of energy boosting drinks energy bars are having long lasting energy because these are packed with carbohydrates, calories and some other minerals and vitamins. These bars vary in sizes, prices and in effect.

Protein bars:

As the name implies these bars are the very rich source of proteins, vitamins and calcium with a specific amount of carbohydrates. These are also delayed in effect, and maintain an energy level for long time.

Energy Drinks – Quick Way of Energy Hikes Up