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Things to Know on Avoiding Vitamin Overdose

Things to Know on Avoiding Vitamin Overdose

In order to make sure that your body has a proper health and nutrition level, you will need around 40 essential vitamins to take in in small amounts. These vitamins need to be part of the group of nutrients that are known as micro-nutrients. However the level of energy for your body is brought in by proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Vitamins play the role of creating chemical reactions between these nutrients and minerals that are taken inside our body. This is the reason why you will see vitamins formulae to contain multi mineral supplements: to complete the function of the vitamins.

But why do people need to take vitamins supplements?

The answer is because our body must be helped into maintaining the normal balance of vitamins and minerals. Out diet proves very often to be unbalanced determining people to resort to vitamin supplements intakes. Our body needs more than 40 vitamins to be able to produce the necessary chemical reactions. Through these reactions, carbohydrates are converted into energy, the same reactions help our skin be smooth and keep a good clear sight. But merely taking vitamin supplements is not enough as we still need to have a balanced meal.

Not people are aware of the fact that vitamins can be taken in overdoses. They just consider healthy to take these supplements without paying attention to the daily dose they administer to themselves. One thing that you should know is that it is useless to take as many vitamins as possible since your body will absorb merely what it needs while the rest is flushed away into the urine. Therefore you should consider taking those vitamins and minerals in the recommended daily dose and not overdosing.

One example is vitamin B which many consider it an energy booster and this is the reason why they consider taking it large amounts. The matter of fact, the extra vitamin B which your body is not using will be sent to urine stream that will appear with a bright yellow color. Another thing that you must be aware of is that overdosing the vitamins will only lead to be piled up inside your system when they are not water soluble, and then they can only make you more prone to get sick. One example is the overdose of vitamins A, D, and K.

But how can one avoid overdosing with vitamin supplements? The right thing to do here is to have your blood tested and see what your body lacks at certain periods of time. You should have these blood tests run every once in a while to be more accurate on the lack of the vitamins and minerals. Consult also with your doctor who can point out at you the right dosage and recommend also some brands that can be of help.

Always pay attention on the label of the product to see exactly what each vitamin and mineral is contained in terms of grams.

Things to Know on Avoiding Vitamin Overdose

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